Coworker:Hey, are you watching that show "Once Upon a Time"?
Me:Yeah, I'm finally all caught up. Why?
CW:I stopped watching right after Hook showed up. I was wondering what was happening.
Me:Oh, hold on, let me setup the flowchart here on my white board. *gets up and starts writing names on the board*
Me:Hold on a second. I really have to think about this for it to turn out right. Things are... complicated. You might want to sit down. *starts explaining everything from where CW left off*
CW:Holy. Shit. I'll be on Netflix all night tonight.
Me:Are you an Evil Regal?
CW:You mean do I like Regina?
Me:As in, would you follow the Evil Queen into the fiery torrents of Hell just for a chance to walk up to her and declare your undying fealty to her?
CW:*looks around anxiously* Maybe...
Me:When you're on Netflix, have a bottle of booze handy, some tissue, and make sure you can't throw anything at your screen.
CW:That bad?
Me:Regina has had better years.
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